The countdown has almost come to an end, as Monday’s historical event will happen in just 4 days.  For parts of our country, observers will experience a cloak of darkness moving across the grounds towards them, as their sunny skies are quickly diminished right before their eyes.  As everyone has heard, Monday is set to be a spectacle event that millions of people are excited for.  Many States in America will be in the direct path of the self-titled Great American Total Solar Eclipse.  A total solar eclipse is an event where the disk of our moon completely blocks all light that normally shines to bright from the sun.  The only visible fragments of light will be of the sun’s outer atmosphere, or better known as the corona, which is known to display ribbons of light jetting, swirling and twirling through the sky.

While everyone is able to see the sun in the sky, not everyone will be able to enjoy the total solar eclipse in its entirety.  The path of the total solar eclipse will be visible from Oregon all the way to South Carolina.  It will pass through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Depending on where you are located in these states, will depend on the time when you can see the total solar eclipse.  Because of the limited trajectory that the total solar eclipse will be on, many people are traveling to areas where they can view this event. Many hotels and rental cars have already been booked for months (even years) ahead of time in anticipation for the eclipse.  As such, traffic is expected to be one of the worst days for traffic in national history.  Should you need to be on the road, or are traveling to witness this event, please be sure to leave as early as possible to allow for any backups that are expected to occur, and as always drive as safe as possible.  If you are driving while the total solar eclipse is occurring, please do NOT look up at the sky to try and get a glimpse.  Not only is looking directly at the sun highly unadvisable (see below for safety tips while the total solar eclipse occurs), but this can lead to distractive driving and cause accidents to occur. In this event, please safely pull your car over to a safe location, and then view the total solar eclipse accordingly.  While we realize that this is an event of a lifetime, it certainly isn’t worth yours, or anyone else’s lives to see it.

The total solar eclipse is a rare event that is sure to make people’s jaws drop as they admire such a beautiful sight.  While we believe that everyone should take advantage of this historic event, we also feel that you need to use caution to keep you (and your eyes) safe.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you can experience the full eclipse, while saving your eyes from irreversible damage that the sun can do to them.

  • If you are planning on looking at the total solar eclipse, you should get a pair of solar viewing glasses. It is still not too late to purchase these, if you are an Amazon Prime member. However, if you find that everywhere is out of stock, or the product will not reach you in time, you may be able to find these at stores such as Walmart or Best Buy.  **You can NOT use Sunglasses in place of solar viewing glasses! Solar viewing glasses are MUCH darker than any regular sunglasses could ever be!
  • Refrain from taking “quick glances” at the sun with your naked eye. Those “quick little glances” add up, creating damage to the back of your eye.
  • We know that everyone wants to get great deals when purchasing online, however make sure that you are not purchasing solar viewing glasses from scammers who sell fraudulent products. While many retailers are probably sold out of these glasses by now, it is still a good idea to know which brands are legitimate when it comes to the health of your eyes.
  • Bring provisions to your viewing location. As discussed above, traffic is expected to be horrendous, even to short distances! With this in mind, it is a great idea to keep food and water accessible to your location you will be viewing the event.  Additionally, the total solar eclipse is occurring in the middle of the day, in August- which means that many parts of the country may experience a heat index in the triple digits! Stay hydrated!

If you are unable to travel for this event, but still wish to see it, I have good news for you! NASA is launching a live-streaming of the eclipse that will last for about 4 ½ hours- beginning at 11:45am ET.  This will allow you to view the total solar eclipse as you sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, without worry of damaging your eyes or dealing with the traffic.  In addition, Facebook will be hosting their own streaming video coverage of the total solar eclipse, and viewers can simply click the link through their Facebook accounts to view it there.

We hope that everyone who partakes in this historic event is as delighted with the outcome as projected to be.  Travel safe, use those solar viewing glasses, and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event!

All the Best,

Lynda Drew



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