How To Make Friends: Making Connections in Life & Business

We all want to stand out. We want people to pick us in business. However, getting “picked” by a client isn’t good enough.  Instead of looking for CLIENTS…focus on making FRIENDS. People refer business to people they connect with. If you approach situations in your career from the perspective of “how can I get this [...]

What Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Know About Closings (if they want to close….)

Closing Timeline: What YOU Need To Know You work hard to get clients. Then you work hard find them their dream home. You strive to be an informed and exceptional Real Estate professional and to offer your clients the best service possible. But with all the moving parts of a closing, it’s easy for things [...]

Hurricane Prep…BEFORE The Storm Hits

We're fast approaching hurricane season! Check out these tips for hurricane preparation, tips on how to file claims after the storm, and how to set an evacuation route for your family!   1- ) Hurricane Preparation: Before The Storm Hits: Have a home inventory completed and saved in a safe place. This may contain pictures, [...]

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