The Secret Sauce For Easier Claims Filing! (Psstt!! YOU Need To Know This!)

Let’s play a little game. Off the top of your head, jot down a list of everything that you own in 60 seconds. You probably remembered the high-value stuff, right? The game system, sound system, TV, an antique or a special piece of jewelry. However, overall, how confident are you that you could make an [...]

Is YOUR Savings ‘Gone With The Wind’?

Over the past two decades, insurance companies have become increasingly creative with regards to wind deductibles.  The trend began following Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  At the time, Andrew was the most destructive Hurricane in United State History as measured by the amount of damage caused.  In tandem with Andrew, increases in computing power provided insurance [...]

People. Rock.

People rock. As an insurance agency owner, I see bad things happen to good people all the time.  Unfortunately in the insurance industry, it’s the nature of the business. Hopefully, our clients have accepted our risk management recommendations and have coverage in place that will help them recover from a loss.  But even when they [...]

Does “Buying Local” REALLY Help YOU?

Which is better:  Insurance from a Local Agency or from a Direct Company? It has become easier and easier to purchase car insurance over the past decade and many people have chosen to buy direct instead of using their trusted local agent.  Let’s compare the two and see which distribution provides better benefits to consumers! 24/7 [...]

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