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JTI & Braun Agency- Exciting New Resources, Great Local Team!

Since 1996, Jeff Thompson and his local team have been serving the residents of the Surfside Beach, SC area. With over 155 years’ combined experience, The Jeff Thompson Agency team have made it their mission to provide comprehensive evaluation and educational consultation for each individual client and provide appropriate recommendations regarding risk and the valuable [...]

Science Fiction Advancements: Coming To Auto Insurance Near YOU

Driverless cars, homes that operate by voice commands, Siri on your phone to text for you….and now Amazon’s Alexa to read you back your driving report and save you money on your auto insurance? Sound interesting? Well guess what? It’s happening now. In a press release from Nationwide issued via PRNewswire yesterday (July 18, 2017), [...]

Why The “{insert specific insurance company here} ALWAYS Has The Best Rates” Myth Is Costing YOU

We are all looking for the best prices, without breaking the bank.  However, we also want options that are really worth the money.  For example, we have all seen those commercials that promise great rates on insurance, however.......are they really the best rates? Do you really know what coverage you are buying? When choosing your [...]

Top Auto Policy Discounts You Can Add TODAY!

Every penny counts…we get that! Did you know that across the entire insurance industry, auto rates are taking a rate increase? Why? Well, a lot of elements come into play including increased cost of repairs and materials, the frequency of accidents and auto damage due to texting and driving, and lots of other factors. However, [...]

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