Keep Your Home Cootie-Free: Top Tips To Avoid The Cold And Flu This Season!

With the end of summer, the beginning of the school year and the on-set of colder months, cold and flu symptoms begin to pop up…and spread! Being sick is never fun! Check out these top tips for avoiding the flu this season: Avoid Close Contact. If you know that someone is sick or has recently [...]

Irma & Harvey: Waiting Until Hurricanes Are Almost Here To Get Flood Insurance Is TOO LATE!

This hurricane season is breaking records, with hurricane Harvey’s recovery expected to be among the most costly natural disaster rebuilding efforts in America.  Not to mention hurricane Irma, a hair-raising storm that has already grown to a category five hurricane and poses a major threat to Florida.  In addition, there is another storm closely following [...]

HomeHub: Your Personalized Marketing & Referral App (Psstt! It’s FREE!)

In today's market, life gets crazy busy. Business cards get lost and emails go unchecked. However, nearly everyone has one device with them all the time. This device is one of the top conduits of business generations and referrals. It's your mobile phone. What if there was a tool that could serve as an AWESOME [...]

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