Don’t Let Illness Or Injury Add To The Cost Of Your Trip!
With the school season ending in much of the country, many people will travel internationally for their summer vacations. But did you know that if you require medical services in another country, your passport can be confiscated until full payment is received for those services? Severe situations requiring medical evacuation and repatriation could cost tens of thousands of dollars, yet many Americans who travel abroad do not have Travel Medical coverage for such instances. Both the U.S Department of State1 and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention2 comment on the importance of Travel Medical coverage for Americans traveling internationally.

Nationwide Brokerage Solutions / Insurance Intermediaries, Inc. (NBS/III), in partnership with International Medical Group, offers a variety of Travel Medical products, including plans specifically for:
Business trips
Group travel
Senior travel
Missionary trips
Adventure sports and activities
Foreign exchange students
Global educators
Relatives visiting from another country
Nautical and marine crew
Emergency evacuations
College campuses and places of worship are ideal locations for promoting Travel Medical products, and any clients who will travel internationally for vacation or business are potential sales prospects for Travel Medical coverage.


Do you have any questions?
For more information, please contact your NBS/III Individual Health and Medicare team at 800-444-1744, options 1,2,2.



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