Denese Balino

Office/Accounts Manager

How long have you been with The Braun Agency?
3 years

How many years have you been in the insurance field?

What position/role do you fill at The Braun Agency?
Accounting/Office Manager

What lines are you licensed in?

What are your favorite types of policies to write/advise on? Why?

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled? Or, if you have not traveled, where would you most like to visit?
Canada is the only place traveled besides areas of the US. Would like to go to France and Sweden someday to visit family.

What is one of your hobbies/ interests?
I’m a total geek! Love to work on computers, constantly teaching myself new programs. Hobbies include graphic design, gardening, and dog breeding.

Any other cool fact you’d want people to know? Add it here:
Senior accounting professional extensive experience in all aspects of accounting and financial business management, applying PC-based solutions to everyday business problems and issues.