Your partners matter. However, in the midst of all the chatter from companies just trying to get your business… do you sort out the relationships and services that actually add value for you and your clients?

Here’s how we do it. A strong partner will listen to your needs, help you develop solutions and is invested in your success. So….here’s how we do that.

1-) We listen to your needs. A pretty basic need that you have as a Real Estate Professional is for your clients to get insurance for closing. At The Braun Agency, we do not offer “one-size-fits-all” insurance solutions. Because, the truth is that approach just doesn’t work. Our team of licensed agents will work with you and your client to develop personalized coverages, explore all discount options and ensure that your clients know what coverages they have and have been presented quality options so they can make an informed decision.  We’ll check the flood zone so you don’t have unpleasant surprises. We’ll happily answer your client’s questions and we’ll go to bat for them as their local, personal advocate when they have to file a claim down the road.

2-) We help develop solutions. We’re not a one-way street….we strive to develop solutions that help YOU address and solve issues to get you and your clients to closing in an easy, stress-free way. One way that we do this is by overcoming the common issue that many Real Estate Professionals face at the end of the closing process: an unknown flood zone issue. We can help at the front end. When you first get a property (even before you have a buyer), send us the address. We’ll do a full flood zone work up for you for a zone determination and premium. We’ll even help you address ways to lower the premium through whatever options may be available including getting elevation certificates, mitigating the property, or running the property through FEMA and Private Market Flood venues.

3-) We invest in you. We’ll confess, we LOVE working with you and we welcome the opportunity to serve you and your clients! We really have an outstanding team, competitive rates and all other sorts of good things going for us. However, we’re not going to ask to earn your business without offering value back to YOU to help YOU grow. So how do we do that? We’re glad you asked.

Social Media Marketing 101: For Real Estate Agents. We developed a workshop JUST for Real Estate Professionals to help YOU market and brand YOUR business through social media. If you’re looking for pointers on anything from setting your page up from scratch to creating campaigns to direct more traffic to your page or website to creating targeted posts to select demographics to generate leads, we can help! This workshop is 100% free. We’ll come to your office (we’ll even bring lunch!) and help you and your team set up their social media. We’ll even give your free content to post on your page to take the stress off you.

Home Hub- Your Personalized Referral App: We have designed an app specifically for our Real Estate professionals. While the app is available in iTunes, it won’t be branded with your information (which is the whole point, right?). Just give Kelley a call at 757-452-4563 or send an email at and we’ll get you set up!

  • Link to your Home Snap Account so all your listings feed into the app and your client can search properties without being lured away to other listings (or other agents!).
  • Allows you to request a flood zone check for a property directly from the app.
  • Links your preferred Lender directly into the app so your clients can connect with you and your Lender via email, phone, social media, or text.
  • Allows your client to pay with rates and loan types to see what options may work best for them.
  • Links to your Loan Officer of choice so you can submit a pre-qualification request directly from the app 24/7.
  • Allows your client a step-by-step checklist of the closing and loan paperwork submission process.
  • Allows your client to upload requested documents directly through the app to your Lender.
  • Allows your client to share your personalized, branded app electronically with their friends who are house shopping. It’s like a turbo-charged electronic business card.

We’ll Provide Training for Your Team Based on What YOU Need to Learn About: Education is the key to being a successful professional. Staying on top of trends in your industry is vital. We’ll provide free training for you and your team….and we’ll even bring breakfast or lunch. We can create a workshop specifically for YOUR team, just tell us what you need more info on. Some of our most popular workshops are:

  • The Funnel: The Secret Sauce for Getting It All Done, Increasing Sales And Staying Sane
  • Social Media 101: Grow Your Online Business for Real Estate Professionals
  • Flood Insurance 101: What Every Real Estate Professional Needs To Know Before Making An Offer
  • Home Insurance 101: Top Tips For Real Estate Professionals To Get Your Clients To Closing On Time (And On Budget)
  • Worker’s Compensation: What Every Business Owner Needs To Know To Keep Costs Low
  • Why Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?: A Property Manager’s Guide To Navigating The Rental Insurance Discussion, Protecting Their Property Owners and Avoiding Liability

We Have An Awesome Partner Rewards Program: Not everyone says “thank you”…but we do! We realize that you have options and that you CHOSE The Braun Agency for your clients. As our THANK YOU, we offer an awesome Partner Rewards Program for our individual or office partnerships. (Psstt! Everything is RESPA compliant. No worries here! 😉 ). Want to know more? Ask Kelley at 757-452-4563 or by email at

We are A “One-Stop-Shop”: As an insurance brokerage, we can “shop” your client’s rates through multiple carriers for options in coverage and price. We aren’t limited to one insurance carrier, so we can present your client with options and get your closings done. Also, we provide a full spectrum of insurance solutions for renter’s, home, auto, business/commercial, worker’s compensation, condo, boat, RV, power sport, event insurance, ID Theft, boat, motorcycle, jewelry (and TONS more!), all with the same team you’ve already developed a relationship with.

We’ll Sponsor Your Office & Efforts In The Community: Our partners are awesome and they do awesome stuff in the community and for their clients. We love supporting our partners in their community events! From golf tournaments to food drives, client appreciation days to Christmas parties….we’ll partner with you to make it happen!

Our Ears Are Open: You tell us what you want to see! Our ears are open and we’d love to help create solutions for you!

While we’d love to go into micro-detail about all the ways we add value to our partners…..we know this isn’t a Stephen King novel and you’re probably not sitting on the edge of your seat right now  😉 If you want to learn more, we’d love to chat! Let’s grab a coffee or lunch (our treat) and chat about how we can help develop solutions to issues you face in the closing process and add value for you and your clients. For more information, give Kelley a call today at 757-452-4563 or email at

                                                All The Best,

                                                     Kelley Carter, CPIA


The Braun Agency’s mission is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be financially by planning, achieving your plan and protecting your plan from unexpected events.  In the process, our goal is to deliver insurance services in a manner that exceeds your expectations.  See what The Braun Agency can do for you today. Give us a call at 757-452-4563 to speak with one of the licensed, professional members of our team or request a contact here. The Braun Agency. We’re on YOUR side. 757-INSURANCE.