Driverless cars, homes that operate by voice commands, Siri on your phone to text for you….and now Amazon’s Alexa to read you back your driving report and save you money on your auto insurance? Sound interesting? Well guess what? It’s happening now.

In a press release from Nationwide issued via PRNewswire yesterday (July 18, 2017), Nationwide stated that, “To encourage safe-driving habits and help drivers save money on their auto insurance premiums, eligible Nationwide Smart Ride members can now access critical personalized driving information through the Nationwide skill for Amazon Alexa… The Nationwide skill for Amazon Alexa gives our members an exciting way to connect with us. And, we are encouraged to know that the data they receive about their personal driving habits through the Smart Ride capability within the Nationwide skill serves the greater purpose of promoting safe driving.”

So what is Smart Ride and how can it help you save money? We’re glad you asked! Smart Ride is a plug-in device that measures specific driving analytics in your vehicle. Some of the features that it reads are: acceleration speed, hard breaking frequency, excessive driving speeds, and average operation hours of the vehicle. Smart Ride plugs into the diagnostic port of your vehicle and syncs with your vehicle’s analytics system. (Disclaimer: due to the technology required for this, Smart Ride may not be available for older models of vehicles). When you enroll in the Smart Ride program you get an automatic discount for installing the device. The plug-in is shipped to your home, plugged into your auto for 6 months, and at the end of the 6 months of monitoring, you mail it back to Nationwide in a postage-paid box. You get weekly analysis reports sent to you with a break-down of your driving practices. At the end of the 6 months, based on the analytics of your driving practices, you can be eligible for up to a 40% discount on your auto renewal. Personally, when my husband and I enrolled in the program, I saved 37% and he saved 35% on our auto renewals.

So what if you aren’t the best driver? Great question! If your reports aren’t ideal, your rates don’t go up as a result of the report, you just don’t get the discounted rate at your renewal and your policy just renews as it would have without the program. You really have nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

So how are Smart Ride and Alexa syncing up? Nationwide’s PRNewswire states that, “Members may now ask Alexa about their status and obtain a summary with details regarding hard brakes, fast acceleration, idle time, nighttime driving, estimated discount and final discount upon program completion….. Nationwide has a long history of encouraging safe driving, and Smart Ride is an industry-leading effort to help make us all better and safer drivers,” Rassekh said. “We put our members at the center of every decision, so our commitment to digital advancement creates a better experience with Nationwide and the valuable services and offerings we carry.”

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Kelley Carter, CPIA



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