Distracted Driving Kills

According to the latest stats provided by The US Department of Transportation, 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 were injured in car accidents in 2014 as a result of distracted driving.  It’s truly an epidemic but you don’t need statistics to make you aware of the problem.  Whenever you are driving, all you have to do is look at the car next to you to actually see the extent of the problem.  People are dying because they won’t put their phones down when driving.  And it’s totally tragic.  At The Braun Agency, we even had a client share their personal experience where two family members died in separate instances within a relatively short period of time.

There are two things you can do to contribute to the solution instead of the problem.  Take the pledge and educate others.

Make a commitment

One of core values at The Braun Agency is education.  Frankly, there’s no more important cause that warrants education than distracted driving.  You can do two things to help the cause and save lives.  First, commit to not being part of the problem.  Take the Pledge to not drive distracted.  Simply type on our Facebook page that you take the pledge.  And then follow through.

Take The Pledge

Spread the word

Secondly, get the word out.  Ask your friends and family to take the pledge also.  Share the real life stories.  Drivers age 15-19 are most susceptible to the dangers.  If you have a young driver, be sure they understand the dangers of texting and driving.  Share this post and these videos with everyone you know, especially young drivers.

Liz Mark’s Texting and Driving  story. EVERY parent and new driver should watch Liz’s video.


The Missing Piece video   Advice on how teen’s should address with their friends.  Golden advice.

No Good Reasons  An impactful video of a young person sharing her story with teen drivers.

The Last Text Sent All she texted was “Yeah”

A tool to help

As much as I oppose distracted driving, I am not immune to it.  It’s hard not to look at your phone when you have an incoming text.  My oldest daughter just received a driving permit and I have been searching for a technology solution to help eliminate distracted driving. I researched different apps and devices before I found the one that works extremely well.  I have been using it in my own car and I am a better, safer driver because of it.  The device blocks incoming texts and prohibits phone use while driving.  The account owner (normally a parent or businessowner) may allow certain uses and can log on and see safe driving and cell phone behavior scores.  It’s a pretty amazing device and app and it only costs $39.95 with either a $7.95 or $9.95 monthly subscription.  I would encourage all drivers to put the device in their car but I would especially recommend anyone with a teen driver to utilize the device.  You may get more information and purchase the device at cellcontrol.com.

About The Braun Agency

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Most importantly, stay safe and please put down your phone.  It can wait.

Wishing you and your family much financial success, safety, and longevity,


Richard Braun

President, The Braun Agency

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