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Stop Flushing Your Restaurant’s Profits Down the Toilet!

We Can Help You Save More of the Profit You’re Making by Grabbing the “Forgotten Chapter” of Bathroom Profits below.

It must have seemed strange for you to get a book called Bathroom Profits in the mail from an insurance agency.  But, you, the author of Bathroom Profits and I have more in common than you realize.

We’re all business owners and we all want to keep more of the money we earn.

After over 20 years of five-star rated service to Hampton Road’s business owners, I’ve carved out a niche within the restaurant industry, identifying several specific ways that I can help you spend less of your hard earned money on necessary expenses like commercial insurance coverages for your business and employees.

Over the years that we have been working with restaurant owners just like you, my team has developed specific ways that we can add tremendous value to your restaurant’s bottom line and business goals. 

When you request our “Braun Business Review,” we’ll provide you with specific, practical ways to help you lower your premiums, increase safety and make informed decisions about all of your coverage needs.  For instance, did you know that if restaurants are assessed an inaccurate “experience modifications” for their worker’s compensation policies, it can lead to you paying higher premiums than you actually need to be? If you don’t catch this error early enough, you could be “stuck” with that rating (and assessed insurance rates based on it) for up to one full year? This is just one thing we’ll check in your FREE policy review. 

As a FREE resource for you, we will also create a customized, OSHA compliant safety manual tailored to YOUR business as a complimentary resource for you. Having an updated safety manual can help your restaurant comply with OSHA standards and helps foster a culture of safety in your restaurant….which helps keep your costs and claims lower.

For your FREE Braun Business Review, contact Josh Duncan, Commercial Accounts Manager, at 757- 416-5174.

We look forward to helping protect and grow your business!

Richard Braun

P.S.  We’ll also send you the forgotten chapter of Bathroom Profits, “Stop Flushing Your Profits Down the Toilet”, detailing 7 specific ways you can save on your Commercial Insurance Program.