Spring time means longer days, blooming flowers, chirping birds……and pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. If you suffer from allergies like a huge percentage of Americans, Spring can be a rough time of year. However, there are several steps you can take to ease your allergy symptoms and enjoy the Spring season!

1-) Eat honey.  Did you know that eating local honey may help reduce your allergy symptoms? Local honey contains local pollen and eating local honey every day may help your body develop resistance to the yellow clouds billowing through the air you’re breathing.

2-) Keep your windows shut. I know this one can be rough, especially when it’s so nice outside. However, leaving your windows open invites the pollen to cover everything inside your house. In addition to making your allergy symptoms worse……pollen is not fun to dust off of everything.

3-) Wash your clothes (and your pets!). Pollen loves to latch onto the surface of everything! When you come inside, be sure to leave your shoes at the door and throw your clothes in the wash to avoid spreading the pollen that hitched a ride in on your clothes from spreading throughout your house. Also, pets are a huge pollen carrier! When they go out and come back inside, their fur harbors tons of sneeze-inducing allergens! Consider washing your pets frequently or at least wiping them off with pet wipes once a week or so.

4-) Change the way you work in the yard. If you have yard work to do, consider avoiding the morning hours as this is when pollen counts are highest. Try to do your landscaping and weeding after it rains as rain helps wash the pollen away from the shrubs and plants you’ll be touching. Also, for jobs such as grass cutting, consider wearing a dust mask to avoid breathing in the dust and pollen. If you’re not feeling this super stylish look, consider hiring a lawn service for the Spring months.

5-) Hop in the ocean. Ok, you CAN hop in the ocean, but really you just need a salt spray rinse. Consider trying a neti pot to clear out your sinuses from the allergens. Or, try a nasal spray prescribed by your doctor that may help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Here’s wishing you an allergy-free Spring!

All the Best,


Kelley Carter, CPIA



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