Life gets pretty crazy.  Not only are we juggling the kid’s after-school activities, sporting events and homework….we also have our own agendas including meetings, deadlines, and other important things that make us wonder exactly who signed us up for this whole “adult-ing thing”? While time is definitely not slowing down for us to play catch-up, there are ways that we can help restore some semblance of “balance” back into the on-the-go life style.  Try these little tips from our Pinterest page to help bring organization and sanity to your life.

Dinner: Dinner time always seems to be a hot topic among families.  After working all day, you come home and have to make dinner for your family.  Our Pinterest page, Family Dinner Planning, has some great tips on ways to make preparing dinner a little bit simpler.  One idea to consider would be to make crock pot freezer meals ahead of time.  All that you have to do is thaw the bag overnight in the refrigerator the day before you cook it and then put it in your slow cooker in the morning before you leave for work.  By the time you come home, dinner is ready!

Homework & After School Routines: If you have kids, not only do you help with their homework when needed, but you also may find it stressful to get your kids on a good schedule to even begin tackling this task!  If you follow our Pinterest board, After School Checklist, you will find some great tips on ways to help keep your kids organized and on track with their studies after school.  There is even tips on organizing areas where your kids can keep all of their school supplies.  You can convert an area in your home with hooks and simple shelving where your kids have a place to hang their back pack, shoes, jackets, and notes.  With this, you can help organize everyone’s morning by having a place where everything goes, which makes it easier for them to get out on time.  You can even have a place where their lunch boxes (or lunch money) go, along with any notes to the teacher, permission slips, or other documents that they may need to take to school.

Organizing your Car: If you are like many parents out there, your kids may be involved in various after school activities or sports teams.  The constant in and out of the vehicles with school, work, and activities can easily leave your car a place where trash, food and clutter quickly accumulate.  Our Pinterest page, Car Organization, has many helpful tips and ideas that will help you keep your car more organized.  One simple way to keep things organized and easy to remove is to place laundry baskets in the back of your car.  These baskets help keep items together, such as soccer or football equipment, backpacks and other school related gear together and even makes it easier to store groceries.  Plus, this great idea makes carrying everything into the house much easier!

Housework– Organizing our homes can help reduce the amount of stress that we feel.  When things are put in place it helps with the flow of our routines.  Our Pinterest board, Cleaning & Organizing your Home is a great place to find ideas on ways you can organize your home more efficiently.  From organization in your kitchen, to making a homework station for your kids, this board is packed with great ideas! There are even tips on getting your kids involved with housework that is not on their normal chore routine.  Getting our kids to help out with cleaning around the house is often times more a chore than it should be.  Instead of opting to give your kids an allowance every week, try creating a “job board”.  A job board contains task that are not your kid’s normal chores that they do on an everyday basis (without pay), such as making their bed, putting dishes away and taking the trash out.  It is a way for your kids to earn extra money by doing things that help teach them the value of a dollar.  Instead of them asking you to buy them a particular toy at the store, they can work to earn that toy.  The job board can include any job that you choose, such as mowing, weeding, or picking up the lawn.

Morning Routines: Getting motivated in the mornings for some is very simple and much harder for others.  However, something that will help everyone is setting up and sticking to a morning routine.  Our Pinterest board, Rise & Shine is a great resource for ways to keep yourself motivated and organized.  A great morning tip that you will find on our Pinterest page is to lay out your (and your children’s) clothing the night before.  This will help save a lot of time and is one less thing that you will have to worry about.

All the Best,

Lynda Drew


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