Hindsight is 20/20, and life has a way of throwing you curve-balls when you least expect it.  Take my friend Liam for example, he has definitely been dealt an unlucky hand time after time.  When he was in his early twenties, his father (who was a very active, and healthy man in his mid-40’s) suddenly passed away due to a brain aneurysm.   No one expected this type of tragedy to impact their family, and when it did they were left with all of the bills – and NO life insurance to assist them with this!

Many people do not realize that life insurance is not for you, rather it is for the people whom you love the most.  It is a gift that you leave for your loved ones that allows them to grieve your passing, while not burdening them with the financial aspects.  Sadly, Liam’s father did not have any life insurance, and Liam ended up moving back home with his mother and younger brother to support the two of them as well as himself.

Shortly after Liam’s father passed away, his mother began to get ill more and more frequently.  She was unable to continue to work, and relied heavily on Liam for financial support.  His younger brother also did not work, as he was sick with cancer of the spinal cord.  So Liam had his mother place him on her mortgage, and he began to pay for the house so that his mother would not lose it.  For the next 15 years, Liam worked at a retail store as an overnight manager, and working other odd jobs to try and alleviate the financial burden that was still remaining from medical bills from his brother, the debt that his parents accrued together, and the funeral expenses that came with his father’s passing.

Then, tragedy struck again, as Liam lost his mother.  He had assumed that his mother had purchased life insurance for herself, and had a will in place after going through everything that they did when his father passed away.  Sadly, she never did either of those.  Liam was once again faced with funeral expenses, and other debt.  To make things worse, just 4 months after he lost his mother, his employer informed him that they were closing their stores, and he was going to be laid off.  He asked his brother for help financially, as he was now in remission, however he declined to even look for a job.  Liam knew that if he didn’t do something, that he would lose the house, and since his mother never made a living will- the house was technically not “his”.

Liam ended up having to claim bankruptcy, which ruined his credit.  He also had to pay lawyers to get the house that he has been paying on for over 20 years now in his name, which is still an ongoing process.  The struggles that Liam has had to face is one of those situations that could have been made easier had his parents gotten life insurance.  He would have been able to afford the financial cost associated with their passing’s, as well as the funeral arrangements (which the funeral home made him believe that he “had to” get a plot in a mausoleum, for both of his parents.  Not a costly alternative for sure.)   Now that Liam is getting married soon, and will be trying for his own family, he has already invested in life insurance for himself.  He refuses to ever let his children or wife be in the same situation that his parents unfortunately left him in.  Having life insurance is truly a gift of love, and one that every parent, spouse, or partner should have.


Wishing You Much Success,

Lynda Drew

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