My name is Richard Braun and I have been an exclusive Nationwide agency owner in Virginia Beach, VA for almost twenty years. Across the country, the Exclusive Agent community finally received the contract announcement from Nationwide that we have all been waiting on for months. While many details have yet to be communicated, several things are clear:

  • Continuing to operate our agencies the way we always have is no longer an option: Change is inevitable.
  • As exclusive agency owners, we have only five transition options for our agencies: We must choose one.
  • As exclusive agency owners we have some major decisions concerning the future of our agencies: We need to know all the facts to make the best business decisions.

With the new contract changes that have been presented from Nationwide, we are all having to reconsider the best options for our businesses. In order to receive the maximum value for your book, you may consider selecting a successor for your agency. If this is the case, I would like the opportunity to speak with you about this decision and discuss making an offer to purchase your business.

If you are considering continuing with your Nationwide agency but are trying to discern the best options for staying competitive in your market, I would like to discuss the option of making an independent agency platform accessible to your agency when the time comes to transition.

Because of the extension of the EA Succession Plan, we are all in a unique position to either choose a successor and maximize what we can obtain for our business or merge and combine with another agency in order to obtain a multitude of potential benefits. Frankly, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose our direction.

I have put together a summary of our five contract transition options and corresponding time frames and I have built three succession plan model offers. If you would like to me to present you with an offer for you to consider, the first step is to schedule a thirty minute call.

Prior to our scheduled call, I will email you my summary of the five contract transition options and corresponding time frames. During the call, I will plan to learn about your agency and your goals and objectives so that I may present you with the best possible offer.

In order to schedule our call, please click the calendar link on this page to reserve a time slot that works best for your schedule.

Best Regards,

Richard Braun, LUTCF
The Braun Agency, Nationwide Insurance