In today’s market, life gets crazy busy. Business cards get lost and emails go unchecked. However, nearly everyone has one device with them all the time. This device is one of the top conduits of business generations and referrals. It’s your mobile phone.

What if there was a tool that could serve as an AWESOME marketing resource for you to promote YOUR brand and give to your professional partners to increase business to you (AND be a referral and business resource to them)? What if you could see what calculations a potential buyer was playing with online (including home loan amount, loan type, down payment calculations, etc.) AND get their contact information to follow up with them on what property they are looking for? What if this tool linked to a website personalized with YOUR image, logo, and contact information and could increase your referrals and online lead presence and traffic? What if your clients could track the status of their loan and send your requested documents from their mobile directly to your inbox via a secure method anytime they wanted to? What if this tool could connect your client with your partners for the entire home closing process and kept YOUR contact information on their phone constantly? And what if all this…was free?

Meet the Home Hub app.

The Braun Agency is excited and proud to announce the launch of our new Home Hub app as a resource EXCLUSIVELY for our Preferred Partners. We cover 100% of the cost for your personalized app and you can share and co-brand with as many partners and clients as you want to. Pretty cool, huh?

Some of the features of the app are:

  • A personalized, branded app that allows you to customize your features.
  • The ability to see calculations that your potential clients have run.
  • Direct contact links to you for clients to contact you from their phone.
  • A Direct portal for clients to place a contact request to you to discuss their mortgage needs.
  • A complete dashboard to receive referrals, loan calculations, and contact requests from clients that you have full control over to manage, pull reports, see referral traffic, etc.
  • The ability to share the app as many times as you want. This is your direct contact, your personalized profile, AND your digital business card that people keep on their phone. And the cool thing? When they show their friends….the app they share has YOUR contact info too.
  • The ability to co-brand with your partners. You can set up the app to be custom branded to show your profile alongside your partners. Each co-branded set up has a unique link so you can create as many different custom co-branded profiles as you want.
  • TONS more…..

For a FREE tutorial and to get set-up on the app, contact Kelley Carter at 757-452-4563 and ask about our Preferred Partner Home Hub app. Want to make this available for your entire office? Let’s line up a Lunch n’ Learn! We’ll be happy to  come do a demo for your whole office, get you all set up…and provide lunch 😉


Wishing You The Best,

The Braun Agency Team



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