Homeowner’s Insurance is a form of property insurance designed to protect your home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home (called your “personal property”, see the descriptions of coverages below!). Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property which gives protection to you, the homeowner, if someone is injured on your property and decides to pursue legal action against you.
Your home is a huge investment!

At The Braun Agency, we want to make sure that you and your family are protected. Not all home insurances are created equal and there are many options of what home insurance can cover on your property. We can help you make sure that you’ve got the right coverage that’s tailored to your needs. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! We’re here to walk you through the process step-by-step. Contact us today to see how we can protect one of your biggest investments! To help you get started, check out some of the basic coverages for your home policy listed below:

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  • Dwelling
  • Other Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost
  • Fair Rental Value
  • Earthquake Coverage Endorsement

The difference between homeowners insurance from one company to the next comes down to claims settlement. When you have a claim is when the promises of your company and agent come to life.

The Braun Agency and its predecessors have been in Hampton Roads since 1975. Our agents live where you live and we will be there to help get you back in your home and help you work with our claims professionals and disaster recovery contractors.

When you purchase homeowners insurance from The Braun Agency, your agent will take the time to calculate exactly how much coverage you need to rebuild your home. It is vital to have the right coverage on your dwelling and just as important to not overpay for too much coverage. We can determine what coverage your home needs.

Your agent will also ask detailed questions and customize recommendations to meet your needs. Optional coverages may include Ordinance or Law coverage, jewelry, firearms, cash, home-based business exposures, Water/Sewer Backup, Identity Theft Protection and more.

The goal of your home insurance is to protect you and your family from financial devastation after a catastrophe and keep on track with your financial plan.

Some general recommendations to consider when customizing your policy are to:

Your licensed, professional agent will ask you several questions and obtain additional information from public sources to properly calculate your dwelling amount.
If you have high levels of income or assets, consider adding an umbrella policy to your coverages for a cost-effective way to provide additional liability protection.
In some cases, this deductible can be 5% of your home’s value. On a $400,000 home, that’s a deductible of $20,000! Would you be comfortable and able to pay that much out of pocket before your insurance kicked in? Most people would be comfortable with a lower deductible. Talk with your agent.
This can reduce your homeowners cost up to 20% or more.
Building codes change constantly and ordinance/law is designed to upgrade affected building components to new codes after a loss. Without this coverage, you will pay for the state-inspector mandated upgrade.

Some things to consider when shopping for a home, with respect to insurance costs:

to primary plumbing, electrical, heat/air and roof systems generally cost less to insure.
Few insurance companies are willing to insure within a mile of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Thus, you may need to obtain coverage through a surplus lines carrier which costs more money for less coverage. Do your insurance research before you buy.
If the home you are considering is in a 100 year flood plain and you are obtaining a conventional mortgage, you will be required to purchase flood insurance which can range from only a few hundred dollars per year to several thousand dollars per year. In order to determine the actual cost, you will need to purchase an “elevation certificate” from a surveyor. Ask your agent about FLOOD insurance.
that can cause you to pay more for insurance include aluminum wiring, fuse boxes, polybutylene pipes (like QWEST), pools with slides/diving boards, and EIFS siding (looks like stucco).
The beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian home that’s 5,000 square feet and selling for $350,000 may cost $1,000,000 to rebuild. Since you want to purchase a replacement cost policy, your insurance costs will be higher. If you’re considering purchasing an older home, it’s wise to obtain insurance estimates before going under contract.

* Refer to your policy and agent for your coverages. Coverage options explained on this site do not apply to all insureds and do not serve as a consultation or suggestion of coverages.

This content is meant for educational purposes only*

Many clients initially come to The Braun Agency for our industry-leading insurance products and competitive rates. Insurance and protection is a significant piece of your financial plan, but it is only one part of your financial plan. The Braun Agency can assist you with your entire plan.

The Braun Agency is the only Nationwide Agency in Hampton Roads that is owned and led by a Certified Financial Planner. Therefore, our clients receive the benefit of a holistic approach to insurance and financial planning combined with industry leading products that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Our mission is to help you achieve your life goals by getting from where you are financially to where you want to be. We accomplish this by helping you build your plan, achieve your plan, and protect your plan. To learn more about this process CLICK HERE

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