Summer is in full throttle, and with these hot days lately our ac units are undoubtedly running at full capacity.  With the rising temperatures, here are some tips for ways you can do some at home maintained to keep your HVAC system running longer without needing assistance from a technician.

Air Filter Replacement– All furnaces rely on an air filter, as these help keep dust and other debris out of the essential components of your unit.  When your filters are dirty, it becomes harder for your unit to distribute adequate airflow through your home.  This not only makes your home warmer, but also raises your monthly bill- and no one wants that!  Experts recommend that air filters be replaced at least once every three months.  This will keep the dust in the air vents down to a minimum, which helps keep your unit running more efficiently.

Cleaning Your Air Vents– Along with maintaining the filters in your air vents, your vents need to be cleaned.  Your air vents allow both hot and cold air from your HVAC system to reach all areas of our home.  If they are blocked with dust or debris, it can cause your unit to run at less than optimal levels.  Not only that, but as the air gets distributed around your home, you and your family are breathing in all of the dust particles that gets circulated around.  Not a pretty site to imagine.  If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or breathing conditions, this is a huge concern for their health.  Keeping up with a cleaning regiment or maintenance by just dusting or vacuuming in and around your air vents at least once per month will ensure that your airflow will be at optimal levels.

Watch Your Temperatures– While we all want to keep as cool as possible, your home unit is only capable of distributing so much cool airflow to your home.  That is, unless you have an industrial type of unit for your home that is capable of such a task.  If the temperature outside is more than 20 degrees warmer than your home, than your unit may have a harder time keeping up.  This can lead to higher bills, and even condensation buildup (if your duct work is not insulated), which can cause your ceiling to fall.  Try to keep an eye on your thermostat and regulate the temperatures in your home.  You can also have your home warmer during the day when no one is home, and have it set to a cooler temperature when you return home.  However, if you have pets, please try and remember to let it get too hot in there.

Looking for some more ways to cool off?  With the hot temperatures that are increasing raising out there, this may seem like a silly question.  There are many ways you can help beat the heat while you stay indoors.  Here are some helpful tips that may help you stay cool during these hot days.

Wear Breathable Clothing– Wearing clothing that is not constrictive, and is able to breath will allow your skin to breath and help keep the heat away.  Opt for clothing materials that are made with cotton, as these are ideal for summer time.

Use Fans to Circulate the Air– As mentioned above, running your ac unit all day and night not only increases your electric bill, but also puts ware-and-tear on your unit (which can add up to costly repairs sooner than anticipated).  Utilizing an oscillating or box fan to circulate the air through your home is an easy and cost effective way to help cool the area of your home that you are in.   They also help keep you cooler at night, which is always a great bonus!  Have kids who are always hot, but just want to sit and play their games?  Create a Bubble Fort with the use of a duvet cover and a box fan.  Simply tape or clip the opening of the duvet cover to the fan, and it will fill the cover with cool air.  Your kids can sit, lay, and play in this Bubble Fort keeping them cool (and entertained- Win-Win!).

Turn Off any Unnecessary Appliance– You may not think about it, but that Xbox that is plugged in (but not in use) is actually generating heat, along with all of your other electronics that you have plugged in.  By simply unplugging them from the wall, you will help cut down on the amount of heat that gets distributed through the room.  Both TV’s and computers give off the most excessive heat, even when they are not in use.  Keep these unplugged until you are ready to use them, and you should notice a cooler environment.

Above All Else, Stay Hydrated!  Drinking a nice cold beverage will help your body cool off, even on the hottest of days.  Not only will staying hydrated help you cool off, it also increases your fluid intake which will help to counteract the warmer temperatures.

Looking for some more ways to stay cool during the summer months?  Check out our Pinterest page for some great tips!

All the Best,

Lynda Drew



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