“Healthy”. Does this word fill you with dread? Do you need another reason to get healthy and  kick those New Year’s resolutions into high-gear? Did you know that being a healthy weight not only provides benefits such as more energy and higher confidence levels…it can also save you money? It’s TRUE! Did you know that only approximately 57% of people have any Life Insurance at all? Of people surveyed, the primary reasons life insurance is purchased is for final expenses, income replacement and covering a mortgage, respectively. Any yet, as we just saw above….many people do not have Life Insurance at all (and another large percentage do not have enough coverage to protect these areas).

The primary concern that people present when selecting Life Insurance coverage limits is cost. In fact, a survey done in 2014 reported that 63% of people thought it would be too expensive to purchase Life Insurance.

So what if we could give you the secret to meet your New Year’s resolutions AND save money on your Life Insurance? Don’t believe me? How about a testimonial from a client who is in YOUR position? Check his experience out below:

Well, here we are, 45 days into the new year…I wonder how many people still have the motivation to get in shape or lose weight.

I have recently started “shopping around” for life insurance and what I have stumbled across is nothing short of amazing. I am a 48 (soon to be 49) year old, husband and father of 2 great boys. I have freed up a fixed amount of money that I can spend to close the gaps in my life insurance coverage.

I am healthy enough to be able to be underwritten by most companies out there, but all companies are not the same. For the amount of money that I have to spend I have been quoted as little as $300,000 and as much as $800,000 across a few different companies. That’s a huge difference especially when you are talking about protection for my family in the untimely event of my passing. Obviously, I want as much protection as possible.

 Here’s the interesting part…If I lose 10 lbs, I will receive a more favorable rating from the insurance companies…all of them..if I am a more healthy weight. In one scenario, at my current weight, for a fixed amount of money, I was eligible for $325,000 worth of term life insurance…with that same company, I would be eligible for $500,000 if everything else was equal and I was 10 lbs lighter.

With a different company, I was eligible for $800,000…same premium, 10 lbs lighter…From the lowest amount of insurance that I was eligible for to the highest amount there is a $500,000 difference in death benefit…for 10 lbs.

IF that is not enough motivation to get to a healthy weight, then I don’t know what is…

 All companies and all policies are not the same…ask questions, get educated…get the most for your money!”


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