You’re working hard and trying to plan well for your future. However, many people (even super successful, proactive people like you!) tend to overlook or procrastinate when it comes to one very important part of planning for the future: Life Insurance.

We get it! No one likes to think about not being there for their family. It’s not a pleasant subject…but just because it’s not pleasant doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid point that needs to be addressed. After all, Life Insurance isn’t really about YOU. It’s about protecting and providing for the people you love.

We know that the topic of Life Insurance can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a few points to consider when buying Life Insurance. Check out these tips to launch your protection plan.

1-) Understanding what you want your Life Insurance to do is key. Life Insurance policies can be used for anything. For example, do you want your policy to pay off the mortgage on your home? To pay for funeral expenses? To pay for your kids to go to private schools? To fund college? To allow your spouse to stay home with the kids without your income? To pay off debt or student loans? Knowing why you need Life Insurance and what you want the policy to accomplish for your family is the first step.

2-) Do research. Don’t go into a conversation with an adviser without any idea how Life Insurance works. Life Insurance is not about selecting the cheapest option, it’s about selecting the protection plan that will provide for your family when you are gone. You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to have some frame of reference. Do you still have questions after you’ve done some research? Good! Jot your questions down. This leads to our next step.

3-) Pick an adviser you trust and are comfortable with. That list of questions we mentioned above? Bring those with you! Ask lots and lots of questions. YOU need to be comfortable with what protection plan you choose for your family and you need to know what protection you have. If you have an adviser who doesn’t listen to you or offer to explain your questions, you’ve got the wrong adviser. Pick an adviser that is willing to teach and educate you rather that one who just wants to push you through the process. However, don’t let all your questions be the reason that you procrastinate. You need to know what protection you have and be comfortable with your decision. You don’t need to be able to quote the policy from memory.

4-) Ask your advisor for help. Your advisor should have a consultation with you to learn about your assets, your existing insurance protection, your goals, and your desired coverage for the policy and your family. For instance, they should be asking what expenses you’d like the policy to cover, how far into your mortgage you are, how old your kids are, etc. They should then provide tools to help create an estimate of how much coverage you’d need your policy to include. If you don’t know the amounts of coverage you need, that’s ok. Your advisor can help.

5-) Select a type of policy. This is another conversation point for you and your adviser. Should you choose a Term Policy or a Universal Life? Or would a Whole Life Policy better meet your needs? Maybe you need a combination of these options? Maybe an Annuity would be a good option for you depending on your income, age, and goals. Maybe it wouldn’t be a good fit. Maybe you need to consider a Retirement Fund or Long Term Care protection. Whatever your need, discussing your needs with your adviser can help you pin point what protection you need and help you start a protection plan for your family.

All The Best,

Kelley Carter, CPIA


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