Risk management for your business is about more than purchasing insurance. Proper risk management includes identifying your risks, analyzing them, evaluating and prioritizing your risks, deciding how to handle each risk and then monitoring your risk management plan.
The Braun Agency takes a bottom-up approach when reviewing your business and we begin with our 16 point Braun Risk Review. When we are done, your business will have a comprehensive risk management plan with recommendations on handing each risk through:

  • Risk-reduction. We can help you reduce risks by reviewing your hiring practices, training manual, employee manual, and other corporate policies. Our risk management team will provide specialized training to help reduce risks and avoid claims. The lowest cost claim is the one that never happens. Best of all, most risk-reduction techniques are low cost or free and they help you build a better business.
  • Risk-avoidance. We can help you avoid risks by reviewing your business practices and making recommendations.
  • Risk-retention. Some risks you will simply acknowledge and retain, either because you have no choice, the impact is small, or the cost to handle any other way is not economical.



Risk-transfer is the final means of managing a risk by transferring the risk to an insurance company or other third party.

Complete your Braun Agency 16 Point Risk Review and obtain a clear picture of your risks and a detailed risk management plan to lower your risks and lower your insurance costs. Our services do not cost you more; they save you more.

Businesses We Specialize In

  • Restaurants
  • Auto Service
  • Funeral Homes
  • Contractors
  • Residential Rental
  • Retail
  • Cyber Liability-“See what YOUR business’s cyber liability exposure is with our quick quiz HERE
Businesses we Specialize in
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Auto Service
Funeral Homes
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Our Commercial Risk Management Services
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16 Point Risk Review
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Commercial Insurance Products Offered

Business Property Coverage

We provide a detailed assessment of your equipment and business property to help ensure that these items are covered in the event of a loss.

General Liability Coverage

Helps provide protection from legal suits for losses where you, your company, or your employees are held liable for damages.

Worker’s Compensation

Provides coverage for employees that are injured in the course of regular business engagements for their position with your company.

Business Crime Insurance

This coverage helps provide coverage for employee dishonesty and cyber and data liability coverage. See what YOUR business’s cyber liability exposure is with our quick quiz!



Key Person Life Coverage

This option provides life insurance protection on a key individual that is vital to the operation of your business.

Business Interruption Insurance

Helps provide loss of income coverage in the event that your business is closed due to a covered loss. This can also provide coverage for expenses incurred while your business is closed from a covered loss.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Provides protection for your business automobiles and licensed employees while operating the vehicles for your business. This coverage may include protection for the body of the car but is required in the state of VA to carry liability protection.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This coverage provides a higher level of liability that is applied on top of your limits of liability on your Business Owner’s Policy, Commercial Auto, or General Liability Policy.



EPLI coverage provides liability protection for you and your company in the case of legal action taken against you from an employee that feels he/she was hired/fired unfairly in their course of employment.



Provides scheduled protection for machinery or items used in your business that are valued at a set amount. This coverage is also referred to as Inland Marine Coverage.

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I signed up the family vehicles on the Nationwide SMART RIDE program. Just for signing up I saved 5% per vehicle which = savings ever month. The program was only 6 months and now I have additional savings ranging from 17% – 20% per vehicle. This is a fantastic way to save money. Thanks Braun Agency.
R. Clark
The Braun Agency Team ROCKS!! Amazing service, competitive rates and solid claims backing. They offer the personalized touch of having an office you can walk into and an experienced agent to talk to, combined with the convenience of an easy-to-use website and 24/7 access to claims through Nationwide. Wouldn’t trust my home to anyone else!
K. Dale
My wife and I are leaving our current insurance company after 25 years to join the Nationwide team and specifically, The Braun Agency. They define the difference between good and great and represent what customer service should be.
C. Cohen
They are very friendly and knowledgeable! They provide good info on their Facebook page.
Several years back I had to switch from The Braun Agency when I purchased my home because Nationwide was not writing policies in my area at the time. Fast forward today…I have not found an agency that offered the customer service like the Braun Agency. I was so happy to be able to switch our auto, home and boat policies back. As expected with their staff,
Kim Harris was super helpful and attentive.
Denise D.