Auto Insurance plans are designed to help cover potential car related damages and/or losses. This coverage helps protect you, your passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, other’s property and your automobile. Auto insurance also helps protect you in the event of a lawsuit associated with an incident involving your car.

At The Braun Agency, we offer features that can provide you with:

  • A  rental car while your auto is being repaired from a covered loss
  • Roadside assistance if you need a battery jump started, tire changed, or need your auto towed
  • An accident and minor violation feature that can help prevent your premium from increasing for certain minor violations

Overwhelmed by all the auto insurance choices? Don’t be. We can make finding the right auto insurance plan easy. Let us help you find the plan you need at a rate you can afford.

We walk you through the process step-by-step so you not only know what you’re covered for; you also can have peace of mind knowing that your coverage was tailored to meet your needs.

All auto insurance is not the same. The best time to learn that is at the start of your policy…not when you are filing a claim.

At The Braun Agency, a licensed, professional agent will review all of your coverage options with you regarding your auto insurance and will look for every possible discount to add to your policy. The Braun Agency is an exclusive-hybrid agency, meaning we represent Nationwide and other select “A rated” companies. Your agent’s goal is to help you obtain the coverage that fits your needs at the best price possible.

As part of the process, your agent will take into consideration all parts of the auto insurance process to insure that you and your family are getting the best service. Our process includes consideration of your specific needs to include:

-Driver Ages
-Vehicle age

Auto accidents present the largest risk of liability exposure. Therefore, the goal of your auto insurance should be to properly protect your assets, family and financial plan from unforeseen catastrophe. As such, your liability coverage selection is the most important coverage you can choose on your policy. During your discussion, your agent will make a recommendation of liability coverage.

Some general recommendations to consider when customizing your policy are to:

If you have young drivers, high levels of income or assets to protect, consider adding an umbrella policy to your policy to provide higher levels of protection.
On vehicles that are ten years old or older, you may consider dropping the comprehensive or collision coverages as this added cost typically is not justified for the value of an older auto.
More often than not, each car only has one person in the vehicle at the time of an accident. If you have a lower per person coverage limit on your policy, then you limit the amount of pay-out you would receive in a one-person accident.
and automatic deduction of payments can save you over $100 per year!
Doing so can save you a lot of money and the coverages are usually the same. Ask your agent for specifics on what is included on the “Roadside Assistance” coverage to see if it’s a better fit to save you money!
Cars depreciate instantly when you drive off the lot and new car replacement will better protect your investment.
Nationwide is the only insurance company that is partnered with Plenti.
Nationwide Insurance is one of the leading companies in the country. We offer very competitive rates, superior coverage options, and local service from a trusted professional combined with 24/7 call center and online service and claims support.

* Refer to your policy and agent for your coverages. Coverage options explained on this site do not apply to all insureds and do not serve as a consultation or suggestion of coverages. This content is meant for educational purposes only*

Many clients initially come to The Braun Agency for our industry-leading insurance products and competitive rates. Insurance and protection is a significant piece of your financial plan, but it is only one part of your financial plan. The Braun Agency can assist you with your entire plan.

The Braun Agency is the only Nationwide Agency in Hampton Roads that is owned and led by a Certified Financial Planner. Therefore, our clients receive the benefit of a holistic approach to insurance and financial planning combined with industry leading products that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Our mission is to help you achieve your life goals by getting you from your current financial position to where you want to be. We accomplish this by helping you build your plan, achieve your plan, and protect your plan.

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I signed up the family vehicles on the Nationwide SMART RIDE program. Just for signing up I saved 5% per vehicle which = savings ever month. The program was only 6 months and now I have additional savings ranging from 17% – 20% per vehicle. This is a fantastic way to save money. Thanks Braun Agency.
R. Clark
The Braun Agency Team ROCKS!! Amazing service, competitive rates and solid claims backing. They offer the personalized touch of having an office you can walk into and an experienced agent to talk to, combined with the convenience of an easy-to-use website and 24/7 access to claims through Nationwide. Wouldn’t trust my home to anyone else!
K. Dale
My wife and I are leaving our current insurance company after 25 years to join the Nationwide team and specifically, The Braun Agency. They define the difference between good and great and represent what customer service should be.
C. Cohen
They are very friendly and knowledgeable! They provide good info on their Facebook page.
Several years back I had to switch from The Braun Agency when I purchased my home because Nationwide was not writing policies in my area at the time. Fast forward today…I have not found an agency that offered the customer service like the Braun Agency. I was so happy to be able to switch our auto, home and boat policies back. As expected with their staff,
Kim Harris was super helpful and attentive.
Denise D.