Greetings entrepreneurs!  I joined the Southeast Virginia Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization in 2004.  EO has over 12,000 members in 50 countries and 160 chapters worldwide.  EO members around the world employ over 2.4 Million people.  The organization and its members are an incredible lot, accomplishing amazing things.  Locally, we have over 50 members who are making it happen in Hampton Roads every day.

For me, EO has presented wonderful opportunities to connect, learn, share, and spend time with entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Me and my businesses have benefited all along the way.  Today, my businesses do three times the volume as they did in 2004.  More importantly, my life-balance and quality of life is ten times greater than it was when I began.  My employee team has benefitted as well from the things that I learn and implement that make us a stronger, better company.  I attribute much of my progress and successes on my entrepreneurial journey to EO and the things I have learned from this great organization and its members… who are my close friends.  EO is really a very close fraternity of entrepreneurs.

As a way of giving back to EO and other entrepreneurs, I made a commitment to co-chair the launch of EO Accelerator in Southeast Virginia this year.  I am very excited about it.  Accelerator is a program to help entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their business and surpass $1 Million dollars in annual revenue (or other greater goal) in two years or less.  It’s a fast paced program that is built on a world-class curriculum designed by Gazelle’s, especially for EO.  The program consists of monthly coaching/accountability sessions, quarterly learning days, and access to the EO community.  Participants are 300% more likely to reach $1 Million per year than entrepreneurs at large.  The program is experiencing great success around the world, and I am proud to help bring it to our Entrepreneurial community here in Hampton Roads.

We are in the process of accepting applications for the first 15 participants for the new Southeast Virginia Chapter.  If you own a business and are looking for assistance and accountability in getting your business to the next level, and currently have annual revenues between $250k and $1 Million, Accelerator may very well be for you.

To get more information, feel free to contact me at with a good time to talk or visit the Accelerator page:

As Zig Ziglar said, “See you at the top!”

Wishing you much entrepreneurial success,



J. Richard Braun


Richard is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies and who is the President and Founder of The Braun Agency Inc. Richard is the only agency principal in Hampton Roads, Virginia who has earned the Certified Financial Planner designation and offers the exclusive product lineup of Nationwide Insurance.


The Braun Agency’s mission is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be financially by planning, achieving your plan and protecting your plan from unexpected events.  In the process, our goal is to deliver insurance services in a manner that exceeds your expectations.  See what The Braun Agency can do for you today. Give us a call at 757-452-4563 to speak with one of the licensed, professional members of our team or request a contact here. The Braun Agency. We’re on YOUR side. 757-INSURANCE.