History of The Braun Agency

Richard Braun entered the financial services industry in 1995 with a passion for creating and protecting financial freedom for his clients. He started The Braun Agency in 1998 and grew the agency one client at a time for several years. The Braun Agency has grown to serve thousands of households and small businesses in and around Hampton Roads, VA with two offices on the Southside and the Peninsula. As a result of several large East Coast acquisitions in 2018, we will be one of the largest and most geographically diverse Nationwide Agencies in the entire country with offices from Wilmington, Delaware to Myrtle Beach, SC.

Our focus has always been on educating clients on the best way to grow and protect their wealth.  Our Mission is to create personalized solutions to help our clients protect and grow what they value most.

For our agency, our Vision is to achieve rapid and consistent growth through trusted delivery of innovative and constantly evolving insurance and financial solutions.

Our agency’s core values are the foundation of our culture.  We strive to exhibit these core values every day and we seek these values in new team members of our agency:

INTEGRITY:  Integrity means doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking!  Integrity requires honesty at all cost, being accountable for our actions and meeting our commitments to our teammates and to our clients.

TEAMWORK:  Teamwork manifests itself in many ways.  It means respecting your co-workers and interacting with them in a positive way.  It means pulling your weight and contributing to the overall mission.  It means lending help graciously and working towards a common goal.

PROFESSIONALISM:  We are professionals and strive to provide professional resources for our clients. Being a professional means presenting a positive presentation of both ourselves and our work space.  It means that we are professional in the way we communicate with clients and our teammates.  It means we are constantly learning and increasing the value we deliver to our team and our clients.  It means following our processes and systems to deliver a predictable and consistent results.


Many clients initially come to The Braun Agency for our industry-leading insurance products and competitive rates. Insurance and protection is a significant piece of your financial plan, but it is only one part of your financial plan. The Braun Agency can assist you with your entire plan.

The Braun Agency is the only Nationwide Agency in Hampton Roads that is owned and led by a Certified Financial Planner. Therefore, our clients receive the benefit of a holistic approach to insurance and financial planning combined with industry leading products that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Our mission is to help you achieve your life goals by getting from where you are financially to where you want to be. We accomplish this by helping you build your plan, achieve your plan, and protect your plan.

During the planning process, we will take a snapshot of your financial picture and have a thorough understanding of your balance sheet and income statement. We will learn about your life goals and identify the financial resources required to achieve them. We will understand your risk tolerance and types of investments you are comfortable with. Together, we will then structure a plan to meet or exceed each of your financial objectives.
We will help you structure or restructure as needed to execute on the plan that we jointly created. Through the entire process, the plan we create is 100% from your input. Regardless of what asset classes you invest in and regardless of where the assets are held, we will include them all in your comprehensive plan. We understand our clients who own small businesses and real estate along with traditional equities and debt investments and will ensure your plan makes sense.
The best laid and executed plan can be derailed by four types of uncontrollable events. We will explore each type of event with you and help you to decide how to address each one. At The Braun Agency, we believe the most efficient and effective approach regarding protection is to self-insure risks that you can financially absorb, and insure risks that without insurance, would permanently wreck your financial plan.

The four types of events include:

Potential property losses are the easiest to address because your losses are limited to the value of your property. The Braun Agency recommends carrying accurate property limits with replacement cost coverage, combined with the highest deductible that you are comfortable with, to keep costs down. We recommend self-insuring low value assets that you can replace without insurance. The Braun Agency will help you determine replacement values of real estate. Other assets, such as jewelry, artwork, and boats, should be professionally appraised.

Liability losses are unlimited. Therefore proper planning is critical to protecting your financial plan. A large liability loss can ruin any plan and liquid assets can be taken from you swiftly. The Braun Agency recommends addressing liability risks with proper legal planning with a licensed attorney combined with sufficient liability protection.

Losses from accidents and illnesses are unlimited. When somebody in the household (or business) becomes sick, expenses can go up to an unlimited amount and income can be completely lost. The Braun Agency recommends addressing potential illness with a sufficient reserve fund combined with proper legal planning with a licensed attorney and sufficient health, long-term care and/or disability insurance protection, as needed. The Braun Agency can help you explore each of the protection options to determine what makes sense for you. The Braun Agency will work with your chosen attorney and tax representative to make sure your plan is structured properly.

Losses from death are equal to the remaining lifetime earning potential. Death is the most permanent event to occur and impossible to come back from. The Braun Agency recommends addressing premature death, defined as death prior to achieving financial objectives, with proper legal planning combined with sufficient life insurance to complete the estate-building process. The Braun Agency will help you calculate your coverage need and will help you understand all of your life insurance options. The Braun Agency will coordinate your plan with your attorney and tax representative to ensure that your plan is structured properly.

A properly designed protection plan will ensure that regardless of what life throws in your way, your financial plan will continue on and your goals for you and your family will be achieved.

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I signed up the family vehicles on the Nationwide SMART RIDE program. Just for signing up I saved 5% per vehicle which = savings ever month. The program was only 6 months and now I have additional savings ranging from 17% – 20% per vehicle. This is a fantastic way to save money. Thanks Braun Agency.
R. Clark
The Braun Agency Team ROCKS!! Amazing service, competitive rates and solid claims backing. They offer the personalized touch of having an office you can walk into and an experienced agent to talk to, combined with the convenience of an easy-to-use website and 24/7 access to claims through Nationwide. Wouldn’t trust my home to anyone else!
K. Dale
My wife and I are leaving our current insurance company after 25 years to join the Nationwide team and specifically, The Braun Agency. They define the difference between good and great and represent what customer service should be.
C. Cohen
They are very friendly and knowledgeable! They provide good info on their Facebook page.
Several years back I had to switch from The Braun Agency when I purchased my home because Nationwide was not writing policies in my area at the time. Fast forward today…I have not found an agency that offered the customer service like the Braun Agency. I was so happy to be able to switch our auto, home and boat policies back. As expected with their staff,
Kim Harris was super helpful and attentive.
Denise D.