Summer time is here! Beach trips, cookouts, travel and camping. Summer is one of the most fun times of the year for many (especially when you live near the beach!). However, let’s be honest….it gets HOT! Many of us feel the “heat” (pun intended 😉 when it comes to paying the electrical bill that is bound to come along with hotter weather and increased use of AC. But don’t worry! We can help! Check out these 5 tips to keeping your electrical bill low when hot temperatures are on the rise.

1-) Maintain your HVAC unit.

You need to service your system every year to ensure that you’re not paying extra due to leaks or a poorly functioning system. This annual maintenance may include replacing fluids, filters or having a certified HVAC specialist check over the unit. Did you know that the cost to get repairs done often goes up during the summer months when the demand is greatest? Skip the higher prices (and possible sweaty wait time) and check your entire system every Spring before the hot weather sets in. Also, for additional savings, be sure to frequently change out your indoor air filters throughout the year. Keeping the filters clean will help the unit function at top capacity, which keeps your home’s temperature more consistent and your heating/cooling bills lower.

2-) Repair window and door leaks.

Home repair stores have a large selection of window and door strips that can be easily installed and help stop the “draft” of hot or cold air. Often there is a gap between the edge of the window/door and wind/door frame. Installing a strip of insulator foam or a door vent strip is a very inexpensive way to close the gap and keep the air inside your home the temperature you want it to be. If you are losing heat or AC out of these gaps, your system is working extra hard to heat/cool the air space outside your door/window….and you’re paying for it. For more spacious gaps, you may need to caulk the space.

3-) Install an attic fan.

The attic is often overlooked as one area that is responsible for a lot of the heat gain in your home. Attics often become extremely hot in the summer months with the combination of rising heat from below and the sun beating down from above. Have you ever noticed that on extremely hot days (especially in older homes), that the top floor can sometimes feel overwhelmingly hot? Installing an attic fan can help drop the temperature in your attic, which will prevent heat transfer back down into the rest of your home, making it more comfortable inside the home and lowering your energy bills. While we love to encourage DIY projects, attic fans should always be installed by a licensed electrician to minimize the risk of electric shock.

4-) Install window blinds.

Install blinds in every window and leave the blinds closed during the hottest hours of the day or on sides of the house that are in direct sunlight. While natural light is wonderful, direct sunlight beating into your space increases the temperature of the home and makes your system work a LOT harder to keep the space cool. Installing blinds is a great way to allow natural light in and still help keep your home cool. Make sure that your shades have a white, reflective surface on the side facing the windows to ensure that they will truly block the light and heat from entering your home. You can easily install shades yourself with minimal tools and a few hours of time to save even more money.

5-) Change the direction of your fans.

Most fans are reversible: One direction pushes air down, creating a nice summer breeze; the other direction sucks air up, helping you distribute heat in winter. There’s normally a switch on the motor to change the fan’s direction. Typically, it’s counterclockwise or left for summer and clockwise for winter. It might sound funny, but it works!

Also, for other tips to stay cool this summer, remember that ice cream and a hop in the pool are great ideas too 😉

Have a FUN and SAFE summer!

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