Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate the amazing men in our lives, whether they are a father, a father figure, or mentor, they all have a special place in our hearts.  But what can we make or do for dad?  We have compiled a quick list of 5 simple ideas that you and your kids can do that are inexpensive to show dad how much he means to the family, including ideas from our Pinterest page.  Be sure to check that page out for even more ideas!

  1. Create a Father’s Day picture frame for him at work– This project will need some assistance by an adult, as it requires the use of either a hot glue gun, or super glue. All you need for this project is a simple picture frame (your kids can easily make one with popsicle sticks and cardboard, or you can purchase on from the dollar store).  Get a bag of letters (much like the letters used in Scrabble), along with some paint, or a can of spray paint.  Glue the letters to a corner of the frame to spell out any word combination you would like.  You can include all of the kids names on the frame, or even use the same letter for two words (by putting the connecting letter in the corner of the frame).  For example, you could put a “D” in one corner of the frame, and going down, a word could be spelled “Daughter”, while across the top of the frame, the word “Daddy” is displayed.
  2. Photo Op! – With all of the nifty and super convenient apps that are out now, making a photo collage is easier than ever! Plus, you can do makeshift signs that say cute things, such as I (heart) Daddy, or Daddy’s girl. Let your imagination run wild! You can utilize various filters, and even add in a cute message if needed.  Then, you can either upload them to a zip drive and he can take it to work to upload on his computer screen as a background, or take them and get them printed up.
  3. Breakfast in Bed– Mom isn’t the only one who loves to be woken up by being spoiled! Show dad that he can have a lazy morning as well, while surrounded by his family. An easy thing to make is some eggs, along with some bacon and donuts with some berries.  If you want to get really creative, you can make heart shaped pancakes, or use a cookie cutter to cut out cute shapes in bread before toasting them.  Let your kids imagination run with this one, but guide them of course.  Even making him a cup of coffee the way he likes can bring a smile to his face.
  4. Painting Party– Create a cute painting project to give dad. There are so many options for you to pick from, such as hand prints with the kids names on them, or take a boot of dads with a light coat of paint on it- then press it to a piece of paper.  Next, put some paint on your kids feet and place it in the middle of the boot imprint.  You can then write a cute message such as “Following in Daddy’s shoes”.  You can even frame these master pieces your kids help make for dad to showcase in the house.
  5. Jar of Dad’s Favorite Candy– Your kids can even make a simple jar of their dad’s favorite candy for him to enjoy at the office, or at home. You can pick up some Puffy paint at the dollar store and let them write “Dad’s Stash” on it (or any other label they would like), or you can print on out.  This is a quick and simple idea that anyone can give their dad on his special day.  You could even make a Father’s Day Card out of construction paper to go along with it.

There are many things that can be done with dad as well, such as take a quick road trips and family outings.  You can also grill out, and enjoy the company of friends and family.  Or even go on vacation with the entire family, now that the kids are all out of school! Whatever you are planning on doing, we know that you will help make Father’s Day extra special for the men in your lives.

Remember, there are also many areas who give major discounts to fathers on Father’s Day! Many restaurants will give dad a Free or discounted meal! So check around to see where you can take dad for his special day.  A few suggestions would be:

  • Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium- Dads get a FREE hat on Saturday and Sunday (while supplies last)
  • Nauticus- Free admission for dads with the purchase of a child’s admission ticket.
  • Virginia Zoo- Free train ride for dads
  • Ocean Breeze Park- With the purchase of a child’s ticket, Dad gets in FREE
  • Tucanos- Free Limited Edition Father’s Day Glass, plus they get specials on both Lunch and Dinner
  • Firehouse Subs- Get a FREE medium sub on Father’s Day with the purchase of a medium or large sub, drink, and chips.

We hope that all the dads out there have a safe and wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!

All the Best,

Lynda Drew


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