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Hurricanes, Storms and Flooding… Oh My! Are You Prepared in the Event of A Natural Disaster?

Katrina, Sandy, and Andrew are some of the names of the most recent devastating hurricanes that have hit the US.  Each hurricane season brings the potential for mass destruction to our area, especially since we live so close to the coast line.  Undoubtedly, we will see some effects of Hurricane Harvey, which is set to [...]

Keeping A Water Bottle in Your Car Could Be More Dangerous Than You Thought…

With the summer in full swing, it is very tempting have a water bottle in your car as you drive.  I’m sure by now almost everyone has heard experts warn you about the dangers of leaving a water bottle in your car.  But what if I told you that keeping a water bottle in your [...]

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, What You Need to Know!

The countdown has almost come to an end, as Monday’s historical event will happen in just 4 days.  For parts of our country, observers will experience a cloak of darkness moving across the grounds towards them, as their sunny skies are quickly diminished right before their eyes.  As everyone has heard, Monday is set to [...]

House Fires Can Happen to Anyone at Anytime, Are You Prepared?

If you are someone who watches Game of Thrones, this week’s episode may have you marveling at the sheer fire-power that a dragon can bestow upon mankind.  One single breath can burn villages, homes, and the lives of many.  Luckily for us, there are no fire-breathing dragons flying around, so their wrath is strictly for [...]

Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster AND Saving Money?! We’ll Show You How!

Thirty years is a long time. Especially when we’re talking about paying monthly payments for thirty years. As a National average, most American families only live in their home for 13 years before moving. This means that the vast majority of home owners are tied into a cycle of monthly payments on their mortgage and [...]

Dreading The Back To School Frenzy? Check Out These Tips To Save Money And Keep Your Family Schedule Operating Like A Pro!

Believe it or not, summer is coming to an end and the new school year is fast approaching. If enforcing a schedule, completing homework, and getting the kiddos to practice on time fills you with impeding dread, don’t worry! We can help. Check out these top tips to get organized, get the family back on [...]

Protecting Yourself from Online Hidden Dangers That Can Lead to Identity Theft, What Everyone Needs to Know

Today's technology gives us some pretty cool advantages. No longer do we have to sit and wait at line in the bank just to cash the check, now we simply scan it on our smart phones and it's instantaneously deposited into our checking account. Waiting for an appointment and having nothing to pass the time [...]

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