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Repetitive Loss Flood Zones: Should Subsidies Be Available?

If you live in a high-risk flood zone and are required to carry flood insurance by your mortgage company, then you probably have noticed the hefty premiums of high-risk zones. When insurance subsidies were repealed in the 2012 Biggert-Waters act, many homeowners began to feel the weight of these required flood policies. Homeowners were stuck [...]

5 Last minute summer ideas for the family with the help of Groupon!

August is almost here, and the days are seemingly getting Hotter! As our AC units struggle to keep up with the looming temperatures, many parents seem to struggle with getting their kids out of the house, enjoying their summer vacation.  While many parents are ready to send their kids back to school, kids still have [...]

Science Fiction Advancements: Coming To Auto Insurance Near YOU

Driverless cars, homes that operate by voice commands, Siri on your phone to text for you….and now Amazon’s Alexa to read you back your driving report and save you money on your auto insurance? Sound interesting? Well guess what? It’s happening now. In a press release from Nationwide issued via PRNewswire yesterday (July 18, 2017), [...]

Temperatures Continue to Rise, But That Doesn’t Mean Your Electric Bill Has to Follow…

Summer is in full throttle, and with these hot days lately our ac units are undoubtedly running at full capacity.  With the rising temperatures, here are some tips for ways you can do some at home maintained to keep your HVAC system running longer without needing assistance from a technician. Air Filter Replacement- All furnaces [...]

“Mold” Is The New Four-Letter Word: Top Mold Mitigation Tips YOU Need To Know!

MOLD. It’s the new four-letter word in real estate and property management.  This one syllable word can strike fear and panic in the most experienced Realtor and property manager.  Of course, usually when the word is hurled towards an agent, it also includes the adjectives “black” or “toxic” and sometimes followed up with threats of [...]

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