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Top Auto Policy Discounts You Can Add TODAY!

Every penny counts…we get that! Did you know that across the entire insurance industry, auto rates are taking a rate increase? Why? Well, a lot of elements come into play including increased cost of repairs and materials, the frequency of accidents and auto damage due to texting and driving, and lots of other factors. However, [...]

Your Plan Was Going So Well. And Then, “It” Happened……..

You're making success happen. You work hard every day.  You are buying a home or plan to.  You are receiving pay increases.  You are putting money away for kids, college, and retirement.  You plan to retire comfortably one day and have a house that’s paid for, social security income, and a 401k plan paying you [...]

Spring Time, Pollen, And…..AAACCCHHHOOOOO!

Spring time means longer days, blooming flowers, chirping birds……and pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. If you suffer from allergies like a huge percentage of Americans, Spring can be a rough time of year. However, there are several steps you can take to ease your allergy symptoms and enjoy the Spring season! 1-) Eat honey. [...]

Spring Is Here….Grab Your Scrub Brushes!

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and pollen is covering everything. Spring is officially here! As the weather warms up, it’s a great time to open the windows, air out the house, and declutter all the things that have been encroaching on your space all winter. However, spring cleaning can be a daunting task! Don’t [...]

The Braun Agency walks a {painful} mile in her shoes

On Friday, April 7, The Braun Agency team was proud to support the Walk a Mile in her Shoes to bring awareness to and end sexualized violence against women.  The local event was produced by the Norfolk YWCA, whose mission is to end racism and empower women.   As the website for the Walk a Mile in her [...]

Are you paying for your neighbor’s insurance?

An Industry Secret I’m going to let you in on an insurance industry secret.  Insurance companies are scared to insure property.  Insurance companies might not openly admit this fact, but the industry really isn't crazy about insuring homes and other property.  (Ever wondered why GEICO and Progressive doesn't have their own home insurance product?)  You [...]

You say tornado, I say wind

Hampton Roads is Hit by a Monster Twister Last week, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake were struck by a devastating tornado.  While the twister struck on April 1, it was no joke.  Dozens of homes were damaged and Real Life Church was destroyed.  The tornado touchdown was a reminder that the mid-west is not the only [...]

The Secret Sauce For Easier Claims Filing! (Psstt!! YOU Need To Know This!)

Let’s play a little game. Off the top of your head, jot down a list of everything that you own in 60 seconds. You probably remembered the high-value stuff, right? The game system, sound system, TV, an antique or a special piece of jewelry. However, overall, how confident are you that you could make an [...]

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