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Insurance 101: Adulting- What YOU Need To Know

Let's do a little experiment. Take 60 seconds and write down five (5) things you hope to accomplish in the next five (5) years. Got it? Awesome. Now, I want you to take a moment and write down five (5) things you want to accomplish/do/buy/have/experience by the time you retire (approx. 65). What are your [...]

How To Make Friends: Making Connections in Life & Business

We all want to stand out. We want people to pick us in business. However, getting “picked” by a client isn’t good enough.  Instead of looking for CLIENTS…focus on making FRIENDS. People refer business to people they connect with. If you approach situations in your career from the perspective of “how can I get this [...]

Get Healthy: Could YOUR Weight Loss Goals Save You Money?

"Healthy". Does this word fill you with dread? Do you need another reason to get healthy and  kick those New Year's resolutions into high-gear? Did you know that being a healthy weight not only provides benefits such as more energy and higher confidence can also save you money? It's TRUE! Did you know that [...]

Real Estate Professionals: How to Best Help Your Clients and Not Get Fined

Prospect Pays $3.5 Million for Violating CFPB!!! The Consumer Protection Finance Bureau is not messing around.  It was announced on January 30 that the CFPB fined Prospect Mortgage $3.5 Million for paying kickbacks to two real estate brokers. As quoted on  "Today's action sends a clear message that it is illegal to make or [...]

The Braun Agency is pleased to announce…

The Braun Agency is pleased to announce that we are the recipient of The Nationwide Insurance Champion Award for 2016.  This prestigious award achieved with Nationwide Insurance places The Braun Agency amongst the top 10% of Nationwide Insurance Agencies in the country!  The Braun Agency will receive the award at the Conference of Champions to [...]

“Opportunity”: The Four Letter Word That Isn’t

“Opportunity”. It’s a word we like to use. “Success” is another one of those words. These words are often used in conversation when people are listing things that they want. Things that they hope they will achieve or be given. Sometimes they are used in a context of disdain when referencing people who have things [...]

Life, Lessons & The Superbowl

Superbowl LI, what can we say?  This Superbowl was the most exciting Superbowl in the history of Superbowls!  The favored team trails by an apparent  four possessions with five minutes left in the third quarter and had managed to only put a field goal on the scoreboard.  The game appears that it will be a [...]

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