Monthly Archives: January 2017


Changes, Challenges & YOU: Do You Have A Plan?

“The sky is falling…” “This is the best change ever…” “We’re all going to plummet into a pit of despair…” “Everything is looking up…” Truth be told, as much as we, as humans, would like to think that we know what’s coming down the pipeline as a result of the recent presidential inauguration…..we’re just going [...]

People Rock- Part 2

People. Rock. Part II I wrote a post back in October about how I was awestruck by the generosity of a particular family and really, of people in general.  The original post is here if you’d like to read it.  It was a heartwarming story of the generosity of a local family. However, I recently [...]

Pleasure To Meet You, Influenza!

This time of year there are more viruses and bugs going around than I'd care to count (or experience!). We're exposed at work, when we run errands, when our kids go to seems almost impossible to avoid catching something. While we can only do so much about our neighbors and their health...we can do [...]

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