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And Just When You Thought You Wouldn’t Get Sued……..

We live in a litigious society. As business owners and business managers you are now, more than ever, at risk for legal suits. Employee lawsuits can be so much more than just an annoyance. They can take away from productivity, team morale, can distract your management team from functioning optimally  and can cost you a [...]

It’s The Most Flammable Time Of The Year!

The holidays are here! We're cooking, baking, members are's a full house! The holidays can really be the "greatest time of the year". However, did you know....that this can also be the most flammable time of the year? Whether you are frying, grilling, baking or roasting...check out these top tips to keep your [...]

Welcome To YOUR Preferred Partner Perks!

Welcome to The Braun Agency’s Preferred Partner program! Thank you for choosing to partner with us, we are excited to work with you. By joining the program you have established an awesome resource for yourself and your clients. What does being a Preferred Partner mean for you? It means: Having a one-on-one relationship with a [...]

The Top 5 Things That Financially Successful People Choose To Do

One recent article mentions that the average amount of student-borrowed debt in the USA as of 2016 is $25,000 per borrower. Approximately 1.1 million people in the US have student debt that has topped six figures. Across the US as a whole (so this obviously allows for regional ups and down…but you get the idea), [...]

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