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Are These Common Slips Putting YOU At Risk For Fraud??

We've all heard the horror stories about stolen identities, credit cards and Social Security numbers. The hassle, the expense, the wasted time trying to iron out the mess that identity theft creates. In today's fast-paced society, we are at a constant exposure for ID theft. We use our credit cards to make purchases on the [...]

Mostly Costly Disasters In US History….Were YOU Impacted?

While many people see insurance as a necessary evil to address and move on from as quickly as possible, the fact is that not all insurance is created equal. You will have coverage (which may cover you correctly or may leave gaps in your coverage), you will definitely pay an insurance premium……but when you really [...]

Congrats On Your Home-Based Business!….Are YOU At Risk Now?

Home-based businesses are popping up everywhere! Tons of people have found home-based businesses to be an excellent option in response to rocky economic times. From generating some extra money, to being a full-time job, to allowing a parent to stay home with the kiddos and still work....home-based businesses can be a great option. Often home-based [...]

When The Worst Case Scenario Becomes Reality…

Youth minister Preston Newby and his wife, Tara, met during college and were soon married. After visiting their local insurance agent to purchase auto and renters insurance, they decided to look into life insurance policies. With a 19-month-old son and another child on the way, life insurance policies made a lot of sense in case [...]

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