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How About We Help Cover YOUR Uber Ride?

Summer time means concerts, beach days, cookouts and pool parties. The days are longer and people are hustling to enjoy every ounce of sunshine. Sometimes, it's merely easier to not drive due to limited parking (concerts at the beach?) and sometimes it's a safety call (have a few too many drinks at the cookout?). For [...]

Pokémon Go: Top Tips You Didn’t Know!

Pokémon GO is sweeping the nation! It's a HUGE hit! People of all ages are joining the trend. we've seen in the news, not being aware of your surroundings can create safety concerns. Check out these top tips for Pokémon GO! The Braun Agency. We're on YOUR side! 757-INSURANCE. Get Your Pokémon Go [...]

4 Tips To The Best Road Trip Ever This Summer!

The summer months are some of the highest traffic times of the year. Kids are out of school, families are on vacation and road trips are in session. However, did you know that the summer months are also some of the highest times of year for auto accidents? In a recent study, it was estimated [...]

9 Simple Steps To Know How Much Money To Leave Your Family

Why would ANYONE want to take part of their income that they work so hard for and spend it on a product that will provide no benefit until after they die…..and that they will never see the benefit of? There are so many better things to spend money on, right? Cars, boats, trips, jewelry… all [...]

Six Steps To Social Media Success For Your Business

The average person spends almost an hour per day on Social Media. The vast majority of the billion plus social media users are spending the dominate amount of their time on Facebook. For any business that sells to consumers (and that would be most every business), a successful presence on Facebook can make a huge [...]

5 Ways To Cut Down On Your Energy Bill This Summer!

Summer time is here! Beach trips, cookouts, travel and camping. Summer is one of the most fun times of the year for many (especially when you live near the beach!). However, let's be gets HOT! Many of us feel the "heat" (pun intended ;-) when it comes to paying the electrical bill that is [...]

3 Reasons Why Your Property Manager Requires Renters Insurance and 4 Things to do about it!

You just signed a lease and found out that a requirement to move in is that you obtain renter’s insurance.  You may be wondering why this is a requirement and you may prefer not to spend the extra money on something you did not want in the first place.  The purpose of this article is [...]

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