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Sweet Summer Time!

Sweet, summer time is here! Grills are going, pool parties are splashing, fireworks are bursting and watermelon eating contests are leaving sticky drops all over the deck. It's an awesome time of year. However, did you know that July 4th is one of the highest injury holidays of the year? Burns, drownings and alcohol-influenced accidents [...]

When a tree falls, who pays?

One of the most common questions that we are asked regarding potential claims, probably because it happens somewhat frequently, is: “If my neighbor’s tree falls on my house or car, who pays?” Generally speaking, the person who has damaged property would pay for the damage or file a claim on their own property insurance policy.  [...]

Distracted Driving Kills: A personal story.

This is a story that everyone should hear.  Distracted driving kills thousands and injures hundreds of thousands of people every year and our young drivers are especially at risk.  For additional information, visit    For additional tips to keep your teenage driver safe, read this.   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Braun Agency’s mission is to help [...]

How to identify pipes that are ticking time bombs! (and know if you’re covered)

A particular type of pipe is a ticking time bomb that can burst and leave a homeowner with thousands of dollars of damage which is often not covered.  In this video we learn how to identify polybutylene AKA "Quest" pipes and what to do about them.   Let the Braun Agency help [...]

Landlord and Residents get burned from fire

In this interview, we talk with Sal Butera about an apartment fire which displaced all ten of his residents.  None of the residents, unfortunately, had renters insurance.  The Red Cross assisted by providing a few days in a hotel and a couple hundred dollars for necessities.  After that, the residents were on their own.  Mr. [...]

A Day At The Beach Results In Tragedy…Are YOU Protected?

A tragedy occurred yesterday in our own back yard.  According to the Virginian Pilot, a fifty-six year old woman from Chester, Virginia was visiting Virginia Beach.  A gust of wind caused a beach umbrella to take flight and hit her in the head.  She was taken to a local hospital where she died from a [...]

Flood Insurance Snap-Shot For Listing & Buying Agents: What YOU Need To Know!

What Listing and Buying Agents Need To Know About High Flood Risk Properties: A Snap-Shot View In the middle of all the flood changes that have happened over the past few years, knowing what you need to do as a Real Estate professional can get tricky. To add confusion to the situation, most articles and [...]

TASK MANAGEMENT: Our secret sauce to delivering superior service and how you can apply our system to “get it all done without dropping a single ball”!

I have been asked by clients and potential how we provide superior service as compared with other insurance agencies.  My answer is that great service is not complicated.  It takes a great deal of effort and work but the system itself is simple.  The key to great service is to exceed expectations on every interaction by over-delivering [...]

FREE TOOL for instant download: Know when to report an accident to OSHA

Not every injury or workers' compensation claim needs to be reported to OSHA. Use this advisor to determine if an injury or incident needs to be logged, based on current OSHA recordkeeping requirements.

8 Tips To Stay Cool And Save Money This Summer

Looking to save money this summer? With energy costs on the rise, this summer could be sweaty—and expensive. But there are some easy ways to trim your cooling costs without suffering through 90-degree evenings, sans air conditioning. In fact, if you start preparing for the coming heat wave now, you can probably save a few [...]

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