Monthly Archives: April 2016


Summer Is Coming Fast!

Summer is right around the corner but with sunshine and beach trips also comes….hurricane season. Hurricanes are a major cause of insurance claims and property damage in coastal states. Obviously there are many aspects of hurricane season that we have no control over. However, there are some steps that all property owners and renters can [...]

Does “Buying Local” REALLY Help YOU?

Which is better:  Insurance from a Local Agency or from a Direct Company? It has become easier and easier to purchase car insurance over the past decade and many people have chosen to buy direct instead of using their trusted local agent.  Let’s compare the two and see which distribution provides better benefits to consumers! 24/7 [...]

6 Important Things to do when your teen starts driving!

    Congratulations – You have a new driver in the household!  Protect your child and your financial future! Obtaining a driver’s license is a right of passage for a young person.  Having the ability to get behind the wheel is a big step towards personal freedom.  In fact, it’s a big deal for parents, [...]

But…Money makes me anxious

"I'm doing long as I don't miss a paycheck." "I don't know if I'll have enough to retire on." "I don't feel as if I have control over what I'm spending." "The stock market could come crashing down. Again." "Money makes me anxious." Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. [...]

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